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Backdrops have been designed especially to be used in food photography, so you can make all the mess you need to create your photos.  However, there are a few things to consider to make the backdrop last as long as possible.


  • The finish is waterproof, but be careful with the edges as the finish doesn´t cover them. Clean the surface as soon as possible after the shoot to avoid any unwanted stains. 

  • To clean the backdrop wipe it with damp cloth and use mild detergent if needed​​​​.

  • Be careful with sharp objects like knives and scissors. By scratching or dropping something on the surface you may break the water resistant finish.

  • Backdrop is strong and it can handle all the weight and heat from the food, but I don´t recommend stepping on it. Be careful with that if you work on the floor.

  • Corners are most likely the first to suffer, so you may want to save the covers from the transportation and use them to protect the corners.

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